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PathLab Coding Solutions

Are you aware that many practices are leaving money on the table through unintentional under-coding,
missing units, missing CPTs for specials stains, and under-documentation?

Are you confident coding and documentation errors in your practice are not resulting in lost revenue or
potential fines?

PathLab Coding Solutionsis designed to provide education and training to help improve report documentation and CPT coding skills, in order to minimize risks associated with over-coding, under-coding and insufficient documentation. Subscribers to this service will have the advantage of consulting with PSA’s certified professional coders, accessing automated or online CPT coding resources, and receive written responses to your coding questions and concerns.

Select your Subscription Package or Login Now to begin receiving timely answers to
all your pathology coding questions! 

CAP Selects PSA To Offer Coding Services To Their Members at a Discounted Rate!


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